Hello!!! I believe these articles of choosing your wedding theme has eased a lot of stress. I have gotten a lot of calls from  many brides about how fun and helpful it has been. Well, here are the last 3 steps and am sure after reading this, you would be able to apply these tips in incorporating your favourite colours into a beautiful theme.

Step 7

Get the groom and best man involved. The cummerbund, waistcoat, and tie can all be in the colour theme of the wedding. And don’t forget the buttonhole/corsage.

bridal train 5



Step 8

Incorporate colour with care. It is common to have a colour palette with up to five main colours for your wedding but you do need to be careful that the colours don’t overwhelm the wedding or create a sense of disjointed themes. Also, an exact colour match on everything is overwhelming; instead, go for shade variations on the original colours. Rely on small touches here and there. Rather than huge bold displays of it, such as the font colour on invitations, and little ribbon touches here and there.

  • Use the colour theme on the invitations, the place cards, the ribbons around flower arrangements, the flowers in the flower girl’s hair or waist sash, and on the wedding cake.

If the colour of flowers you really wanted is not in season, rely on white flowers and use the ribbons and other decorative elements in the colour of choice instead. This will still indicate the theme without losing the beauty of the floral arrangements.





Step 9

Take care with colour on the wedding cake. Aim for simplicity of colour with the wedding cake, as brightly coloured food is not very appealing.  Use a good cake maker who is familiar with colour matching, and also consider adding flowers to the cake to reflect the colour element.



Additional  Helpful Tips:

  • Another consideration when deciding on colour is to know the effects that colours have on people’s moods. This can help you to decide what sort of “mood” your colour theme will suggest or create and may be an important factor for your wedding plans.
  • Don’t forget that culture plays an important part in wedding colours. Make sure not to choose colours that will, even though they mean nothing to you, have an unpleasant meaning to those around you.
  • Even the bride’s dress can be a different colour. White isn’t essential, it’s a tradition from Victorian times but not one you have to follow. There are variants on white (such as ivory, alabaster, cream, and so on) or change the colour completely and wear gold, pink, blue, red, or whatever takes your fancy. One warning: it is important to let members of the immediate family know you’re not wearing white, so that they can be careful with their own colours.

Aha! there you have it. Drop you comments, we would love to hear from you.



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