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How to Choose Your Wedding Colours.

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A lot of brides I have worked with have always had a lot of problems choosing their wedding colour theme. So I have come up with a few essential tips every bride should know about themes. The first and most important tip to know is that the colour scheme for your wedding has the power to set the vibe. Focusing on the colour theme early on is important to ensure that everything else obtained for the wedding is well coordinated and suited to the wedding taking into account where you’re getting married, and the formality or informality of your ceremony and reception.
The complexity or simplicity of colour schemes is another part of your decision and these will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and patience! Here are the top determining factors to selecting your hues.



Step 1

Use your favourite shade. You have been in love with all the shades of pink since the first grade; this is a good place to begin with – ‘’what you love’’. You can tastefully incorporate any colour into your wedding decorations by selecting the right hue, and combining it with the right accents.

  • Which colours are you drawn to most? Is there one particular colour or several? If there are several colours, are they compatible?
  • Check your wardrobe. Leaving aside the standard office black, what are the other colours that emerge the most? They are a good indicator of your general preferences.
  • Make a colour inspiration or mood board. Get a piece of thick card and place images you like from magazines on the board, images that highlight the colours you’re keen on. You can also use colour paint charts to help you match the hues.



Step 2

Consider the setting. Look at the colours used in your venue’s carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the site has strong colours, you’ll need to select a colour scheme that complements. If you already have your heart set on a certain theme, you may need to select a more neutrally decorated site but this needs to be sorted out very early on or you may miss out on a good location! However, keep an open mind about colours until you’ve chosen the venue, because the setting may well suggest the scheme for you.

  • If the colours of the venue are very strong and you have your heart set on that venue, consider predominantly white and/or cream for the colour scheme as this will be both effective and matching. This will allow you to add a touch here and there of a favourite colour without overdoing it, but these splashes of colour will tone down any Spartan feel of the white theme.
  • For outdoor weddings, look for fresh and light colours that suggest the brilliance of outdoors.


Step 3

Be prepared to have two different/distinct colour themes if your church or wedding building and reception venue are very different in tone. In general, it is probable that you will have more leeway to use colours with the reception than where the wedding ceremony itself is held. However, you can still carry the colour theme in clothing and flowers from the place of marriage to the reception, even if you can’t decorate the church, hall, or register office as much as you’d like.


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