At the Lagos Fashion and design week held at Federal palace hotel on the 29th of October to the 1st of November 2014.

The event was well planned out. The exposition hall had all white props with a lot of talent in the room from bag designers to clothing and jewellery makers they also had Maybelline representing as usual adorning ladies with up to trend make up and beauty tips.  Hmmmn Farouz  also represented by handing out  free drinks at the exhibition centre throughout the three days, well…. I had the drink so I will like to say a big thank you to Farouz.

For me Highlights of the exhibition were:

Nicole by Haguanna

The creative director Aisha Ugah Igbinovia kept a lot of jaws ajar, mouth-watering and ears tingling for a while as both ladies and gentlemen paraded her luxurious stand. People were astonished by her creativity, design, colour combo and finishing touches.


Guys don’t think this is hearsay o. I know this because I was there (life and direct) EP styled her stand with our ever faithful, always on point state of the art white Manzanita trees (We call her Elizabeth), cube vases and clutch stands. Hmmm we were even there to work with her team to tap into their inspiration


Her bag collection features clutches, weekenders , boy bags and totes all made from real Crocodile, Alligator, Buffalo, Calf , Snake skin and metal ware. This makes her bags feel and look alive, when you feel the texture you will know what I am talking about.” Pure genius”



I have known Aisha for over a decade and she has always been creative right from the time we were roaming the streets of London together as teenagers, we always run to her to make little beaded accessories for us when we had one wedding or party to attend and she did a fantastic job.


Fast forward  three decades later she has turned her talent and passion to an award winning business. I saw her breath taking neck master pieces and I thought hmmm like good wine her skills have matured through the years.

See me see trouble o, There was almost a cat fight at the stand when a lady who had bought one of this coveted necklaces spotted another customer admiring and trying it on. Okay yes I admit it was my fault.

I saw this beautiful tall charming lady eyeing the necklace paid for and I took it to her to have a close look at it, how am I supposed to know she would want to try it on?

Anyway she decided she wanted to try it on and where I come from ‘’ customers are always right.’’ So I go ‘’okay’’ and placed the master piece on her long neck. It looked stunning, unknowingly to me the customer who had purchased the item was watching me and was giving me that ‘’ How dare you ‘’ look as she was walking towards me. I then politely told the lady that this particular piece was already paid for but the designer can make her another  customised to her requirement.

‘’Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!! She smiled and said okay and placed the necklace in my hands’’  Thank God o. Am sure she had already noticed the customer walking down to claim her possession.nicole4

We had a lot of celebrity and leading men and women purchase some of Aisha’s bags including Lisa Folawiyo, Stephanie Okereke- Linus and Tiffany Amber just to name a few


I will like to say a big shout out to my darling friend Aisha; We all at EP love you to bits and Thank you for inviting us and giving us the Lagos Fashion and design week experience.


Moving on swiftly to the Runway.

Adebanke Olopade  Collection

Banke is also very close to our heart at EP.  Her collection is chic, it’s fun, it flatters  the feminine figure  it’s very sexy if you ask me. A bit like Bankes personality.  We have  known  Banke to be a fashionista and have a passion for what she does at an  early age. I am very proud of her and happy she has decided to take her passion from locked doors and present to the world to see.


As a newcomer at this year’s fashion week, she is one of the ones to watch out for. She is going places. When we spoke to her at the event she revealed she only had a couple of days to create this collection for the show. Well done dear.


Lanre Dasilva- Ajayi  ‘’The Rock Delight Collection’’

Rocked the run way. LANRE Dasilva as we all know her needs no introduction. She is not a novice to the run way nor the fashion Industry. One thing I like about Lanre’s collection is that its feminine  and very always innovative,  She creates clothes you can literally pick from the run way and rock the next day.

Whilst watching her show from the first row I must add, All I kept thinking was” I want! I want! I want!. Call me greedy but, I could rock each of her designs every day of the week, colours were amazing and the clothes and tailoring were bold and on point.  The fabric she used was to kill for.



Okunoren Twins

I also like designers like the Okunoren twins ,  I love their concept with the “Remi Lagos Tribute’’ The way they followed the theme through from pre to post show was very impressive.



I have always heard of  the twins but this is the first time I am seeing their collection well done guys.


Shout out to  GTB bank for sponsoring such a successful and talented show and a huge WELL DONE  to all the folks that showcased at the fashion week, Tiffany Amber, EL and Ade Bakare plus many many more. I have plenty more to say but I am tired of typing jare. (Lol) Every one did exceptionally well.

Oh by the way stay tuned for our ‘’oops’’ moment witnessed at the Event. There were a few.


Thank you all for reading our highlights, watch out for more event  commentaries on Out and About with EP.



Lynda Johnson Styling… turning your House into a Home


Introducing EP Global Interior and  exterior styling arm.

Lynda Johnson’s

Here is our recent feature




Jacuzzi with recess area



Reception area in two shades of blues accentuated with roman pillars to give a royal ambience.




Is your switch too far away from your bed? Forget side lamps, how about an over head lamp. This bed has got it all figured out for you.





Chocolate brown walk-in wardrobe. Let your clothes live in style.IMG_20140830_221105


There you have it. For free consultation  or booking , please call us on 08063008840 or 01-2121989. You can also email us at Joy@eventperfekt.com.


The wonders of the colour ‘’WHITE’.

Dear Readers:

Quite a few of you have reached out to me about how helpful it was reading my article on jazzing up your reception ambience using crystals. Well here is another beautiful way of improving your décor idea to give the WOW!! Factor to your creativity.

Do you know the colour White can add a whole new feel to your Décor? How you may ask me. Well, apart from the fact that white signifies Purity, it can also go well with any of the other colours. This means that if your favourite colours are Red, Black, Purple, or Orange you can still have it in your décor theme or you can have an all- white ambience .

I thought I would share these stunning Ideas i found in the hope that you may find a few Ideas to compliment yours.

The Good thing is all these items are available at EP please enquire within at http://eventperfekt.com/cart/


Which one do you like most/least and why? I’d love to know!















Hello!!! I believe these articles of choosing your wedding theme has eased a lot of stress. I have gotten a lot of calls from  many brides about how fun and helpful it has been. Well, here are the last 3 steps and am sure after reading this, you would be able to apply these tips in incorporating your favourite colours into a beautiful theme.

Step 7

Get the groom and best man involved. The cummerbund, waistcoat, and tie can all be in the colour theme of the wedding. And don’t forget the buttonhole/corsage.

bridal train 5



Step 8

Incorporate colour with care. It is common to have a colour palette with up to five main colours for your wedding but you do need to be careful that the colours don’t overwhelm the wedding or create a sense of disjointed themes. Also, an exact colour match on everything is overwhelming; instead, go for shade variations on the original colours. Rely on small touches here and there. Rather than huge bold displays of it, such as the font colour on invitations, and little ribbon touches here and there.

  • Use the colour theme on the invitations, the place cards, the ribbons around flower arrangements, the flowers in the flower girl’s hair or waist sash, and on the wedding cake.

If the colour of flowers you really wanted is not in season, rely on white flowers and use the ribbons and other decorative elements in the colour of choice instead. This will still indicate the theme without losing the beauty of the floral arrangements.





Step 9

Take care with colour on the wedding cake. Aim for simplicity of colour with the wedding cake, as brightly coloured food is not very appealing.  Use a good cake maker who is familiar with colour matching, and also consider adding flowers to the cake to reflect the colour element.



Additional  Helpful Tips:

  • Another consideration when deciding on colour is to know the effects that colours have on people’s moods. This can help you to decide what sort of “mood” your colour theme will suggest or create and may be an important factor for your wedding plans.
  • Don’t forget that culture plays an important part in wedding colours. Make sure not to choose colours that will, even though they mean nothing to you, have an unpleasant meaning to those around you.
  • Even the bride’s dress can be a different colour. White isn’t essential, it’s a tradition from Victorian times but not one you have to follow. There are variants on white (such as ivory, alabaster, cream, and so on) or change the colour completely and wear gold, pink, blue, red, or whatever takes your fancy. One warning: it is important to let members of the immediate family know you’re not wearing white, so that they can be careful with their own colours.

Aha! there you have it. Drop you comments, we would love to hear from you.



Good day to you my beautiful brides. I am quite sure that you are beginning to picture how your theme would match what you have always dreamed about and I hope the last tutorial was helpful as well as fun. Well, this is a continuation from our previous session. Please feel free to send an email or give me a call if you have any questions or require assistance in choosing your wedding colours.


Step 4

Enlist your favourite bloom. If Gardenias are your thing, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make it into your décor scheme. Incorporate your predominant flower colour – either making it the dominant shade or using it as an accent – and it will all come together.


Step 5

Consult the season. Decorating is simple when Mother Nature is your guide, so let the natural colours of the season be your inspiration. NOTE: This doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with prissy pastel decorations during spring or brown and orange during fall/autumn. Just make sure that your wedding colour complements the blooms and foliage that are naturally available during that time of year.

  • Be wary of combinations that usually go with other celebrations, unless it’s the right time of year. For example, red and green is associated with the holiday season. While that would be fine for a winter or holiday season wedding, it would be less suitable for a spring or summer wedding.
  • When thinking about seasonal colours, think of variations of shades and not just the commonly recognizable colours.


Step 6

Remember the bridesmaids’dresses. If you want your bridesmaids decked “head to toe” in your colour, you’ll need to make sure it’s an appealing and flattering shade to wear. Hmm!!! pretty catchy right? Well am sure you don’t want you bridesmaids to look ridiculous and uncomfortable on your big day. You may need to accept variations in the shades to keep each bridesmaid happy, especially if it’s a colour that one or more of them are not happy to wear.

Well, there you have it today. am pretty sure you are as excited as i am. Remember I am always here to walk you through every step of the way , just drop your comments and lets enjoy the ride. I would be happy to hear from you.


Joy Okosun,

Event Perfekt Styling Team.

Welcome to our Wonderful World of colours.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colours.

Tutorial 002


A lot of brides I have worked with have always had a lot of problems choosing their wedding colour theme. So I have come up with a few essential tips every bride should know about themes. The first and most important tip to know is that the colour scheme for your wedding has the power to set the vibe. Focusing on the colour theme early on is important to ensure that everything else obtained for the wedding is well coordinated and suited to the wedding taking into account where you’re getting married, and the formality or informality of your ceremony and reception.
The complexity or simplicity of colour schemes is another part of your decision and these will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and patience! Here are the top determining factors to selecting your hues.



Step 1

Use your favourite shade. You have been in love with all the shades of pink since the first grade; this is a good place to begin with – ‘’what you love’’. You can tastefully incorporate any colour into your wedding decorations by selecting the right hue, and combining it with the right accents.

  • Which colours are you drawn to most? Is there one particular colour or several? If there are several colours, are they compatible?
  • Check your wardrobe. Leaving aside the standard office black, what are the other colours that emerge the most? They are a good indicator of your general preferences.
  • Make a colour inspiration or mood board. Get a piece of thick card and place images you like from magazines on the board, images that highlight the colours you’re keen on. You can also use colour paint charts to help you match the hues.



Step 2

Consider the setting. Look at the colours used in your venue’s carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the site has strong colours, you’ll need to select a colour scheme that complements. If you already have your heart set on a certain theme, you may need to select a more neutrally decorated site but this needs to be sorted out very early on or you may miss out on a good location! However, keep an open mind about colours until you’ve chosen the venue, because the setting may well suggest the scheme for you.

  • If the colours of the venue are very strong and you have your heart set on that venue, consider predominantly white and/or cream for the colour scheme as this will be both effective and matching. This will allow you to add a touch here and there of a favourite colour without overdoing it, but these splashes of colour will tone down any Spartan feel of the white theme.
  • For outdoor weddings, look for fresh and light colours that suggest the brilliance of outdoors.


Step 3

Be prepared to have two different/distinct colour themes if your church or wedding building and reception venue are very different in tone. In general, it is probable that you will have more leeway to use colours with the reception than where the wedding ceremony itself is held. However, you can still carry the colour theme in clothing and flowers from the place of marriage to the reception, even if you can’t decorate the church, hall, or register office as much as you’d like.


Hmm!!! this is quite captivating.  More tips coming up subsequently.

For more tips on choosing colours or for a personalised consultation, please drop a comment of send us an email on Joy@eventperfekt.com to book a session or call 01-2121989,08063008840


Welcome to our wonderful world of colours.

8 Popular Wedding Colours And Their Meanings

For a wedding to become more memorable, unique and exciting, a good and well planned wedding theme is a must. Wedding theme sets the tone and the overall feel of the wedding ceremony up to the reception.

For you to come up with a nice theme, you have to choose and decide the colour(s) you want to be seen at the wedding.

Below, I listed down eight of the most popular wedding colours along with their meanings. I hope it can help you out to choose or decide the perfect theme for your big event. Here they are.



Red. Red is absolutely the most popular wedding colour around. It’s a traditional colour or symbol of love. It also represents the great and unconditional love between the couple. Red is the easiest tone to be partnered with other colour in terms of wedding decorations

Yellow.  Yellow weddings are happy and vibrant moments. Yellow symbolizes joy and happiness and it is a perfect colour for a happy couple celebrating their big day. This is also a great colour for a summer or spring wedding.

Blue. Blue is the colour of peace and tranquillity. It is perfect for small and intimate weddings and is often used at beach weddings partnered with white or any light colour. Blue is also used traditionally in a summer or spring wedding.

Black. Black is growing in popularity nowadays and even celebrities use black as their wedding theme colour. Black represents class, formality and elegance. Black is best partnered with yellow, gold or silver. It is a perfect wedding colour theme for winter wedding celebration. WORD OF CAUTION: black themed wedding is not designed for all so use it with great caution.

Green. Green means abundance, wealth, growth and positivity. Green is usually seen at a garden wedding and most especially in a spring season wedding.

Purple. Purple represents royalty. It also depicts sophistication and class. Purple themed wedding is often used for small intimate weddings.

White. White is the traditional wedding colour that represents purity, innocence, fertility and cleanliness. Most traditionally planned and executed weddings use white as their dominant theme.

Pink. Like red, represents love. It also represents innocence, sensuality and sweetness. Pink is often complemented with white or red.

colours 2
There you have it, the common wedding theme or colours of this generation. I hope you find it helpful if ever you are looking out for the kind of wedding colour to use or are in doubt, consult Event Perfekt Styling team.

You can book an appointment with us by calling us on 01-2121989 or send us an email at Joy@eventperfekt.com




Your Brand, Our Expertise, Your Clients.


The art of ”giving gifts” does not need to be” tasking”.

At EP we have just received some new amazing promotional, corporate gift ideas for you and your client all you have to do is put your BRAND/LOGO on them.

We have a range of luxury ideas up our sleeves for all occasions. Let us do all the thinking for you,dare to give something different this year.

We have something for everyone. We operate as a one stop shop for all things ”BRAND’. We only supply and source unique gifts/souvenirs.

We also have our global sourcing team who can assist in sourcing any of your machinery, furniture or specific product ensuring it is procured with your business and brand in mind.    


                                                                           USB Drives and Mugs

blog pic                 mug

                                 Luxury Desktop Gifts in Customised Boxes

desktop desktop1 desktop3 desktop2

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No time ? No problem? Let our brand/gift consultants assist  you in selecting the right innovative gift for your customers, partners and employees  whilst our graphic designers customise it for you. Send us the details Contact Us  or email us @ info@eventperfekt.com .


Thank you for your custom


Brand Consultant Team

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Stunning decor ideas

Dear Readers:

Quite a few of you have reached out to me Joy   (Event Perfekt Stylist)  for ideas to jazz up your reception ambience.

Well, crystals are still in vogue this summer. They add life to your design and creativity. They redefine the whole concept of your Idea adding CLASS to your Décor.

I thought I would share these stunning Ideas i found  in the hope that you may find a few Ideas to compliment yours.

The Good thing is all these items are available at EP please enquire within at http://eventperfekt.com/cart/

Which one do you like most/least and why? I’d love to know!












crystal trees


Event Perfekt Styling Team

Your Brand, Our Expertise, Your Clients.


 As a Business, it’s very important to understand the times and Season we are in. The world is evolving so fast that we all have to be on top of ”our games” in the corporate environment.

 The days of sending sales/ marketing managers out, cold calling , posting leaflets and flyers are almost over, even though these methods are still effective, but from our research the most effective way to market your products and services is by ensuring your product ”speaks” for you.

 This is easy to achieve by ensuring your brand is seen everywhere. From your employees uniform, bags , office stationery, to your promotional giveaway’ at your product launch, meetings , exhibitions and your CSR Events,and of course all the unique souvenirs, promotional gifts, private gifts and seasonal hampers/gifts. Attempt giving something unique, trendy but multifunctional that will draw attention to your brand (product and or services).

 At EP we operate as a one stop shop for all things ”BRAND‘. We only supply and source unique merchandise.

We also have our global sourcing team who can help source any of your machinery, furniture or specific product ensuring it is procured with your business and brand in mind.    


There is More

image 1

Dare to be different and operate your business using this new age marketing tool, promote your services or product with merchandise that speaks volumes at the same time matches your receiver’s style.

notepad bag

supplies umberella

No time ? No problem? Let our brand/gift consultants assist  you in selecting the right innovative gift for your customers, partners and employees send us the details ContactUs  or email us @  info@eventperfekt.com.
Brand Consultant Team

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